We, as Leading Point Financial Markets:


1. Help firms adapt.

Cost increases. Pressured margins. Demanding and empowered consumers. Risk and compliance. The rules have changed and will continue to change. Change is now business as usual.


2. Bring Clarity to a Fragmented Marketplace.

The marketplace for Financial Services technology is fragmented and continually evolving, resulting in a lot of noise and little clarity. Clarity is essential to deliver value.


3. Focus on the Business Outcomes.

For too long strategy has become synonymous with PowerPoints and implementation has morphed into technology solutions chasing a problem to solve. The business outcomes and people in your organisation central to it are often forgotten and sometime, worse, never considered in the first place.


4. Apply New Technology Intelligently.

Solutions should never be about the technology, but about the impact that the customer sees. We believe that the smart use of new technology, applied in the right way, can solve business problems without wholescale transformation. Technology in search of a problem should be avoided.


5. Believe People Matter.

Any solution to a business problem is only valuable if it works with and for the people involved. Building internal capability, skill sets and collaboration results in efficiency and transparency gains.


6. Are Anti-Bloat.

The market suffers from a polarisation of large bloated players and a long tail of pretenders. We believe in the power of niche, focused small teams combining exceptionally well to create momentum.


7. Avoid Point Solutions.

Full and end-to-end integration between the business, its data, its people & its technology is essential to achieve maximum value. Point solutions only create downstream problems while siloes are the enemy of efficiency and value.


8. Use PowerPoint Only Where Necessary.

PowerPoint is only a tool to deliver value and should only be used when the need arises. Framework based delivery results in stronger long-term sustainability to deliver real value rather than reams of Powerpoint presentations.


9. Think Data Is Key.

Data is the lifeblood of organisations. It is the single thread that runs through everything. Solutions should start and end with the data.


10. Live To Execute.

Execution is all important when it comes to solving business problems. Having the ability to identify and implement solutions isn’t enough – executing a vision translating to implementation in the right way will always lead to a more sustainable solution.


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