Leading Point FM is an advisory and delivery partner to Financial Services.

We specialise in helping established Financial Institutions, Solution Providers and Challenger FinTechs design, distribute and deliver business transformation in front office, client management, anti-financial crime, compliance, legal, risk and data analytics functions.

We leverage our ecosystem of domain experts, proprietary data assets and deep relationships, to connect vetted technology solutions with enterprise business problems and deliver measurable results.

Anti-Financial Crime Solution

We improve the accuracy & efficiency of AML, Transaction Screening, Client Risk Management & Fraud Mitigation

We focus the solution to deliver an improvement in a KPI that matters to you such as  False Positives Volumes or Improved Client Risk Management. Optimising your Data asks of your clients to enable Digital Journeys or Automation in Compliance & Regulatory Substantiation. 

Our defined core data set applies a data-minimisation approach and is combined with AI technology to reduce your overall AML risk exposure, reduce proportion of clients requiring enhanced due diligence, reduce costly investigations & remediation and apply AI-assisted automation as a bolt-on to your existing infrastructure.


Treasury Optimisation Solution

We simplify siloed, effort-intensive, manual corporate financial processes in Treasury and Liquidity Reporting. 

We combine our core treasury & regulatory capital optimisation data content expertise with cutting edge DLT & Smart Contract technology to deliver two outcomes.
Bridge intracompany data silos and enable global corporates to access liquidity and efficiently manage finance operations.
Provide an assessment and solution to optimise regulatory capital and collateral stemming from regulation including LIBOR, SFTR, Uncleared Margin, and ILAP Reporting


Information Security & DPO Solution

We help firms with solutions to deliver Information Security & Mitigate Cyber Risk. 

We provide a solution to catalogue, analyse and apply risk assessment to your Information Assets as part of an ISO 27001 and BSI accreditation package. This demonstrates the integrity of your company to market third-parties with robust controls in place to store and distribute data, mitigate cyber risk and handle data-breaches. For SME and FinTech clients we provide a Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) as a Service and DPO Dashboards.


Leading Point’s Data-Driven Business

We bring our core domain data content expertise to help you re-imagine and implement critical future functions.

Data Readiness Index – Benchmark your firm’s data capabilities and understand the transition path to apply newer technology in risk, finance, legal and compliance

COO/CRO Product Owner Dashboard – Measure your front-to-back business performance with KPIs

Data Lifecycle Management – Heatmap your data element journey across sourcing definition, quality, protection, security and distribution to deliver cost reduction and focus on Data Analytics


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