Leading Point FM brings data-driven solutions to complex business problems in Financial Services.

We focus on core ‘essential’ data, implement innovative technology (AI, ML and DLT) and re-imagine process to improve enterprise KPI’s by 50-70%.

We are a niche player with mature propositions in Anti-Financial Crime, Corporate Treasury, Information Security and Unstructured Data Management. Our 15+ clients and partners include global Financial Institutions, Fintech and Tech Innovators.

Anti-Financial Crime Transformation

We improve the accuracy & efficiency of AML, Transaction Screening, Client Risk Management & Investigations.

We deliver an improvement in a KPI that matters to you – Reduction in False Positives, Optimising Client Experience and Data Asks, Measurement of Controls Effectiveness and Digitisation.

Our defined anti-financial crime data sets apply a data-minimisation approach which combining with AI technology reduces your overall AML risk exposure, reduces the proportion of clients requiring enhanced due diligence, reduce costly investigations and remediation and enable an intelligent-data AI based operating model as a bolt-on to your existing data and systems.


Treasury Optimisation 

We simplify siloed, effort-intensive, manual corporate financial processes in Corporate Treasury and Liquidity Management. 

We combine our core treasury and liquidity reporting data expertise with cutting edge DLT and Smart Contract technology to deliver significant improvements in inter entity cash management, inter- company loan transfers, and liquidity management processes.

This allows you to bridge intracompany data silos, reduce reconciliations by over 90%, reduce payment time of 3 months to 3 minutes, privacy protection through immutable ledger, with flexible instant reporting allowing the move to more decisively managing liquidity real-time and reducing the cost of finance operations by 30%.

We provide a risk advisory service to deliver LIBOR, SFTR, Margin Rules and ILAP in an optimum way, unlocking precious capital and collateral from business flows.


Information Security & Operational Resilience

We help firms with an end-to-end solution to deliver Information Security & improve Operational Resilience. 

We provide a solution that rapidly catalogues your information assets, flows and controls, conducts gap-analysis against global industry standards ISO 27001 & Data Protection requirements. Our tool provides assessment and KPI reporting against 150+ threats and vulnerabilities. We provide the implementation support and comprehensive training on policy, control, data, reporting and procedure uplifts to meet stringent global standards and provide a global accreditation for ISO 27001 with BSI. This improves your information security posture and builds operational resilience in line with various new operating models specifically cloud, API’s, DLT and distributed operating architectures and allows you to manage any potential breach and incidents in the most effective manger. For our SME and Fintech clients we provide a Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) Service.


Unstructured Data Management

We help to re-image and implement critical future functions in risk, legal, compliance, LegalTech, client management and harness unstructured data.

  • LPFM Data Readiness Index – Benchmark your firm’s data processes, innovation desire and understand the courses of action to apply data-driven op models
  • Legal Docs to Data Solution – Harness legal and client contracts, index, classify and create a baseline of your legal/ regulatory data from documents & emails to reduce non-value added work and use your data
  • LPFM Change Delivery App – Allows you to map and re-imagine current state and target state capabilities, processes, controls, data and organisation and define implementation roadmaps


>Project Delivery Service

We are often asked to accelerate or turnaround projects where existing partners have failed to deliver. We provide expert practitioners in focused domains including anti-financial crime, treasury, legal ops and information security. A select group of high-calibre practitioners will deliver your change using our proven change frameworks and accelerators.


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