Leading Point FM is an advisory and delivery partner to Financial Services.

We specialise in helping established Financial Institutions, Solution Providers and Challenger FinTechs design, distribute and deliver business transformation in front office, client management, anti-financial crime, compliance, legal, risk and data analytics functions.

We leverage our ecosystem of domain experts, proprietary data assets and deep relationships, to connect vetted technology solutions with enterprise business problems and deliver measurable results.

Data Monetisation

80% of structured data is unusable in most organisations, less than 1% of unstructured data is used and 50% of organisation time is spent in data stitching.

Good quality enterprise data is the lifeblood of the financial services sector. Effective data management practices continue to be a critical importance to all firms and industries. With a growing pressure from the regulators, increasing competition and changing consumer demands, data is now more important than ever. Leading Point specialises in data project outcomes:

  • Data Governance: data sourcing, data lineage maps, data ownership and data classification
  • Data Quality: data standards, data quality process implementation, data quality dashboards
  • Data Protection: data privacy framework, information security, data protection dashboards
  • Data Architecture & Tooling: data tooling strategy, data models, enterprise data architecture
  • Data-Driven Business: “true” cost of data, future business functions, data analytics, DataOps

Risk & Compliance

Firms spend on compliance has soared from 4% of revenues to 10% and most compliance functions are not channelling investment increases toward the tools and technologies they need to build sustainability.

The regulatory environment is increasingly complex and constantly changing. Failure to maintain compliance can bring critical financial and reputational consequences. Leading Point can help you assess your risk, develop a comprehensive compliance system to reduce risk, establish customised policies and procedures, and much more. Leading Point focuses on:

  • Anti-Financial Crime: Business process re-imagining, machine learning & AI implementation
  • IBOR Replacement Programme: Front-to-Back Assessment, Project Execution
  • SFTR Compliance: Front-to-Back Assessment, Project Execution
  • Digital Re-papering: Brexit, IBOR, SFTR, MiFID II
  • Implementing RegTech and Automation across regs: MiFID II, EMIR, SFTR, SMCR, GDPR and FRTB


85% of enterprise decision makers believe they have two years to integrate digital initiatives before falling behind their competitors.

Financial Institutions are under increasing pressure to improve return on equity and steer their businesses through the storm of regulation currently hitting the sector and ensure continuity with Brexit. Furthermore, there is a growing need to embrace data-innovations and adopt new tech solutions to improve client experience, reduce cost and be more innovative. We specialise in improving business performance in:

  • Client Management
  • Data and Analytics
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Post Trade Services
  • IT Infrastructure

Igniting Scale-Ups

For companies looking to scale quickly, London offers a gateway to more than 500 million customers.

FinTech, RegTech and DLT Scale-ups face the twin challenges of distribution and delivery. Leading Point brings substantial domain expertise, strong industry relationships and delivery excellence to ensure business goals are achieved. We are often asked to help with:

  • Delivery: Provide high quality business analysis, data analysis, project management and client delivery portfolio management with a de-risked and flexible resourcing model
  • Business Operating Model: Define and implement a scalable operating model for the business to optimise resources, roll out client support and manage the product roadmap
  • Distribution: Co-development of proposition, go to market and investment readiness


Digitisation is the route to customer-centricity, Open Banking & API’s are an opportunity. How can organisations transition cross-business and tech operations and infrastructure to new services and paradigms such as DLT? Which functions and apps are candidates for the move?

Leading Point offers a safe place for firms to re-imagine processes, pilot new partnerships, define solution architecture, and align change portfolio to business objectives with robust design authority.

  • Envision new processes
  • Pilot market relationships
  • Create change delivery model
  • Deliver business engagement and comms


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