A clearer view of regulatory health

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No Consolidated View

Senior Management or Compliance professionals lack Information on reporting and controls is often distributed across spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and documents across multiple business areas


Time and Effort

Locating, collating, completing and ensuring oversight of compliance tracking documentation while juggling version control and history takes time and effort


Too much - or too little - detail

Quantity and variety of requirements means difficulty in focusing on the real issues. Getting relevant information means commissioning ‘1 more report’ from staff.

SMART_Dash is a cloud-based solution providing a clearer view of your regulatory health

What is SMART_Dash?

SMART_Dash delivers a single, ‘go-to’ location for your business’ regulatory health via a clear, intuitive and consolidated visualisation of risk

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How does it work?

SMART_Dash consolidates your business’ existing compliance data, puts it into context across your business and measures its performance against ‘keystone’ regulatory risk metrics Learn More

Why SMART_Dash?

SMART_Dash combines intuitive design and financial expertise to visualise only the risk metrics that matter – giving you a clearer view of your regulatory health

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SMART: Senior Manager Accountability Responsibility Tracker 


Centralised Oversight

SMART_Dash provides a single location for the consolidation of relevant reporting and controls information, key risk metrics, responsibilities and ‘ownership’ of regulatory risk.


Accessible and Consistent

Checking your regulatory risk status is as easy as logging in. You set the standard for your business and SMART_Dash enables transparency to the ‘right now’ and the evidence for the ‘then’.


Focus on the real issues

Avoid information overload with customisable and filterable views that allow you to track only the issues that ‘really’ matter. Drill down into the detail with the help of SMART_Support.

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