Thushan Kumaraswamy | Head of Solutions

Thushan Kumaraswamy | Head of Solutions

Thushan Kumaraswamy
Head of Solutions

Architecture lead with over 20 years’ experience helping the world’s biggest financial services providers in capital markets, banking and buy-side to deliver practical business transformations in client data, treasury, sales, operations, finance and risk functions, and major firm-wide efficiency initiatives. Mastery in business and technical architecture, with significant experience in end-to-end design, development and maintenance of mission critical systems in his early career. Specialities – business and technical architecture leadership, data warehousing, capital markets, wealth management, private banking.


Business has a problem. Duplication, inefficiencies, non-standard systems as far as the eye can see. Can we use the concepts of Lego to improve this situation?

If we identify those core building blocks (like the classic 4×2 brick), we can organise and remodel them to create a more streamlined operation and give us ideas for new opportunities.

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